Kathy Hogg is our December Artist of the Month

The picture above are her twin sons, Sebastion and Lovell

Holiday Greetings to All!!

My name is Kathy Hogg and as I am lucky enough to be featured as the artist of the month of December this year, you may like to know a few things about me.

I am a mother of 9 year old twin boys, pictured above. I worked until July 2006 doing a normal job. I was injured and I have been unable to work since.  I am one of those people who don't give up and I just can't sit around and watch television.

I went back to something I know well and love, but I haven't had time for. Natural Stones, mother natures gifts to us, her miracles. Yes, I am a rock hound. I love making natural stone jewelry and I have to make each piece as unique as
 mother nature made the stones themselves.

Not only does this give me great pleasure to create unique one of a kind pieces, I see the joy it has brought to others that wear my art.  It has also given me something special to share with my son's that will last a lifetime.

May I tell you nothing makes you feel like wearing natural stones.  They all have different qualities about them, but which ever you choose, you will feel differently when you wear them. You will feel uplifted, calmed, happy.
It is mother natures gifts to us.

If you purchase one of my pieces for yourself or as a gift, may the person wear my art in good health and good spirits.






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