January Artist of the Month


Hello! My name is Vickie Gould and this is my 10 year old daughter, Stephanie Lyskawa. We got into beading because Stephanie was interested and I thought it was a great mom and daughter thing to do. We've always been into crafts, so it was easy to move to the beads.

Stephanie loves glitter and shimmer and is very good at doing the detailed beading and weaving. Stephanie's jewelry is always filled with lots of bold colors and tons of beads! I love wire - it has truly become an obsession with me. I don't like doing detailed things, so I use wire to fill in the space so I don't have to use those teeny tiny beads that Stephanie loves so much. It actually works out quite well because I don't usually want Stephanie's beads and she usually doesn't want mine. Although I seem to be missing some findings, I think!

We have a website at www.sunshinescreation.etsy.com

 (I used to sing "You are my Sunshine" to Stephanie when she was a baby, so we named the 'shop' after her). We started doing this just this last November and we've done one craft show so far and are looking forward to many more. We are available for custom orders and trunk show parties.

Please feel free to contact me at vickie_gould@yahoo.com .










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