Sandy Murphy and Judy Clark

July Artists of the Month

Sandy and Judy met as little girls when they were only 9 and 8. They lived just three houses away from each other, each had a single parent and three sisters, all around the same age. Thirty eight years and plenty of good times later, they both became interested in beading at the same time. Sandy’s interest began from watching her older sister, Joyce, who was already a beader, make her own lamp work beads and creating beautiful jewelry designs. Judy’s interest started from purchasing a hand made Swarovski crystal bracelet. It has been "down hill" ever since!
They love creating new designs, learning new techniques, searching for beautiful beads in various shops, and Sandy is now teaching wire wrapping classes. They each have different interests as far as types of beads - Sandy loves rocks and natural gems and the beauty that nature creates, and Judy’s magpie eyes glean toward things that sparkle and glisten, such as Swarovski crystals. Together they compliment each other’s styles, and when they sell their jewelry at various shows, the customer has a great variety of items to choose from.
We were thrilled when Monica opened her new shop. We now can find many things we need to create our designs right here in Flint. We hope you will find inspiration in yourself from our designs!
Happy Beading!
Sandy and Judy




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