October Artist of the Month


Monica Coolich


Hi! I too am named Monica, but Iím not THE Monica.
I met Beadiní Mon Monica a few years ago when she sold her jewelry where I worked.
Naturally, I loved all the sparkle!
I had dabbled in homemade jewelry years ago, but had never beaded.
 Then I met Monica, and at around the same time she opened her store
my best friend also started to bead. So I tried it and loved it! 

One of the things I like about beading is that I have a tough time finding things to fit me.
Now I can just make my own. As you can see from my pieces, I love things that sparkle.
 But I also think jewelry should compliment an outfit, so I donít go over the top.
Just enough to catch your eye.

 I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as Iíve enjoyed making them!















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