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Beautiful Brides
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Beadin' Mon


Welcome to the Beadin' Mon

Please prepay Instructor fee only when signing up for classes. The $10.00 fee is non refundable.

 We will gladly save you a pattern and offer help if you can't make your class.





If for some reason, you are unable to attend a class for which you are registered, we simply ask you to provide us with at least a 48 hour notice if you must cancel a class.  Your compliance with this policy allows us to notify those who may be waiting for a seat in your class. 

Here is our list of classes.
We hope you will give our classes a try. We have a nice variety to choose from.
Our classes are $10 for instruction fee plus supplies.

Our classes go quite quickly so check often.

Check out the Genesee Area Bead Society page on Facebook

 To meet our instructors see button to the left



You can click here for the entire month on a calendar .


I have a thumbnail for you to view the item for the class. By clicking on the picture you will be directed to another page with a larger picture.


Please Note this Change!!!
Please sign up for all classes at the shop register.
Classes must be prepaid to instructor.
No refunds please.
(If you have to cancel your class, we
will save pattern for you. Help
will be available from instructor.




August 3rd, Friday is Learn Basic Kumi on Bonnie's Fun Friday at 11:00 am


August 4th, Saturday is the St. Croix Anklet Class at 11:00 am


August 7th, Tuesday is the Bead Guild at 5:00 pm

August Bracelet
Kits will be around $16 with GABS discount



August 9th, Thursday

the the Zig Zag Bracelet Class at 2:00 pm


August 10th, Friday is the Washer Wear Pendant, come anytime



August 13th, Monday is the Swarovski Square Bracelet Class at 4:30 pm


August 14th, Tuesday is 2 Day Class, Day 1 Carrier Kumi Necklace at 11:00 am


August 15th, Wednesday is Day 2 of the 2 Day Class the Carrier Kumi Necklace at 11:00 am


August 17th, Friday is the Wildflowers Bracelet, come anytime


August 18th, Saturday is the PMC Class at 11:00 am


August 20th, Monday is the Stolen Track Class at 4:30 pm



August 21st, Tuesday is the Skull Bling Class at 3:00 pm


August 22nd, Wednesday is the Monique Bracelet Class at 3:00 pm



August 24th, Friday is the Coiled Cluster Necklace, come anytime



August 25th, Saturday is the Be Dazzled Class at 11:00 am


August 27th, Monday is the Tomorrow Pendant Class at 5:00 pm


August 28th, Tuesday is the Falling Lentils Necklace at 3:00 pm


August 30th, Thursday is Patty's Tennis Bracelet Class at 2:00 pm


August 31st, Friday is the Friendship, come anytime





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