We have a great testimonial to share with you. This is from a customer that came into the store needing some help. This is what she says.

Dear Monica,

My daughter, Ahna, graduated yesterday, and I can not let another day go by without personally thanking you for literally making her life so very special-as well as mine and her sister, Emily.  Attached are the Pictures you wanted to put on the internet.

My daughter, as you know, was graduating from Swartz Creek High School. Her "butter" colored prom dress was the perfect dress!  However we could find no jewelry to match it. We went to EVERY store in the mall, and then other stores outside the mall.  The prom dress of a lifetime lost a bit of it's beauty only because there was no jewelry to accent it.

I have driven past your place of business a hundred times and have wanted to stop in.  Out of total desperation I finally did with my two girls.

Very much to my surprise-we found the perfect color of yellow jewels, and you were there, to top it all off and save the day!!!! Save my daughter's 12th grade prom night.

Your patience truly amazes me still!! You took at least 1-1 1/2 hours helping us come to a decision in the diameter of the jewels, the spacing, the chain, the clasps, and you even suggested a ring to match.  With my daughter's younger sister helping us to create the finishing touches it is a memory for all three of us that we will never forget.  My youngest daughter said to her sister, "Ahna, we can pass this down to our own children!" when she was placing around her sister's neck.

You Monica will never know how grateful I am to you, and your giftedness in helping us design and physically make the necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring all to match so perfectly in the perfect color of butter yellow!!! Every person that saw my daughter's jewelry that night was amazed!

I tell of our wonderful experience to all that I meet. Your love for helping others to achieve BEYOND their desires astonishes me!!!

How can I thank you for making a memory that I will forever be grateful?

No matter how many times I say it---thank you will never be more than enough!


Mary Jo Danyluk



Ahna and Emily

Emily goes to the prom in 2007.
Beautiful jewelry made for her at the store.

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