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Becky's Bead Blog



Hi and welcome to the bead blog. I hope to share some of my knowledge of my favorite hobby with you --- beading of course.

But first I should tell you a little about myself. I am by profession a graphic designer and now I'm trying my hand at writing on the web. I have lived here in the area all my life. I like to think of myself as a great mesh of my parents. My mom was an artistic person who enjoyed many types of crafts and my dad does alot of work with computers. I, as you can see have found things in my life that lets me incorporate all these qualities. I am married to a pretty awesome guy, who supports me in all my creative endeavors. Which has turned out to be quite a few. I love animals, especially kitties so I feel right at home when I'm here at Beadin' Mon! And I like to try new things, usually, (my husband is still trying to get me to sky dive, but I'm not so sure). Maybe one day, he did get me to parasail. But anyway, I love to create, which brings me to beading.

I began beading several years ago, by buying and browsing the pages of magazines. There is a lot to this hobby, tools, techniques, all kinds of beads, findings and stringing material. It can be overwhelming. Then after a bit of time of not knowing where to start, I stopped by Beadin' Mon! to take a class. I think I first started with stringing. And a few of my first stringing projects are still some of my favorite items to wear. I have done a little in the stitching portion of beading and I have recently starting experimenting with wire working.
I am excited to share what I know with you and I'm sure I'll probably learn alot along the way too. So check back a few times a week and I'll try my best to share my knowledge with you.












































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