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Earlier this week I showed you how to use a crimp tool and/or crimp beads. I also talked a little about Beading Wire. Today I wanted to show you something that I made using both these items.

But I also have a tip for you today, and that is Don't be afraid to mix your stones, shapes or sizes of beads. Have fun and do what you think looks right. Remember, inspiration is all around you. On this project (as with several that I have made), I like to think of a forest. Here is what I mean by a forest. When you look into a forest or wooded area you see all types of trees; small, large, short, tall, knotty, smooth, pine, maple and the list could go on depending on your forest.
Here I have an example of a bracelet that uses a variety of beads.

Supplies for Multi Stone Bracelet      Finished Multi Stone Bracelet

In this first photo, I am trying to show you some of the beads that I picked up that were possible contenders for this bracelet. As I have said before, I like to have extra supplies on hand to create with. So when I was shopping, I picked up some cool looking wood beads, small gemstones beads of varying sizes and colors, crystals, glass and metal beads. Notice, that I also showed what looks like a little spring with wings. This is called a Bead Stopper and they are great. Pinch the wings together to open the spring and clip onto your length of wire. This prevents your arrangement from sliding off the wire and it also allows you to add to and remove beads as needed before finishing each end with the componenets for your clasp.

In the second photo, I am showing you the finished project. As you can see I have a focal stone, right in the middle. This is where I started. Then I just started rearranging my beads on my mat until I got an arrangement I liked. Toward the end, I wanted to balance out the metal that was in the clasp, so I added a few metal spacer beads. As you can see my wood beads from photo 1, didn't make it into the bracelet. Sometimes what looks good in my head, doesn't quit look right in real life. And once I started working with them, they just didn't do what I hoped they would. They ended up looking way to big and overpowered my focal, so I took them out. Once I was done designing, the next step was to string it. Remember to test for length before adding your clasp. This is where the Bead Stoppers come in handy, add or remove beads as needed to reach your desired length and then put on your clasp and jumpring on, securing them with the crimp beads that I showed you earlier. Then hide the ends of the wire in the beads adjacent to the crimp beads. (I know this is alot of information for a beginner, so I will go into it in more detail at a later date).

So in closing, don't be afraid to include in your designs the many different types of beads available. And remember Beadin' Mon! carries a variety of beads and supplies to choose from. If you need help picking out beads, don't hesitate to ask. The staff at Beadin' Mon! are always ready to help. I hope you have enjoyed seeing one of my finished pieces this week. Have fun, happy beading and Have a great weekend. See you Monday

1/27/2012   •  Build Your Bead Stash

Here we are finishing out our first week on the blog. Next week I hope to be a little more organized and maybe be able to build a project from start to finish. But tonight I wanted to say that you should build up your bead stash. Fill your stash with the beads that you love, you would maybe like to experiment with or something that just caught your eye and made you think "I can do something with that". I find myself saying that all the time, I may not know exactly what at the time of purchase, but I know something fabulous will come from it.

Whenever I purchase beads for a project I usually will purchase more than I need just in case I lose a couple. But doing this also gives me the ability to alter my design a little if I desire. If the extras aren't needed I just add them to my stash to await for a future project. The number of extras is up to you, I usually will purchase about 10 (unless it's a color I love and just can't leave behind, then I may purchase more).

I wanted to show you a piece of what I believe is blue lace agate that I pick up from Beadin' Mon!. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, but I loved the color and shape. So I took it home (along with several other pieces) and safely tucked it away in one of my organizers. Every once in awhile I will pull out my beads and look at them, waiting for inspiration to strike.

But, when I started working on this unique piece, I was actually trying to organize my beads to make things easier to find. I just kept picking it up and looking at it. I had some crystals laying out (in a baggie) and thought this might make a cool pendant or bracelet. So I got out my supplies and crystals and started work. (Need I say the organizing got put on hold.) I played with different shapes, colors and even what direction I wanted the agate to face. And here is what I came up with. A lovely pendant with complimenting crystals.

Blue Lace Agate Pendant

So I would like to encourage you to build up your bead stash. They come in handy when building projects and you need just a little something extra. Or occasionaly, in a moment of unplanned creating you are able to build a piece for a upcoming function or just because. You could also take some of those cool beads and experiment with them, creating your style and building your knowledge. I don't know how many times I was working on a project and had to run to my stash to fill in a gap, or to add some wow factor, or I just miss counted my beads and was 1 bead short.

So stop by Beadin' Mon! regularly to check out the ever changing supply of beads. There are a variety of beads to choose from. Which ones will you take home? However I will warn you it's hard to choose from the many great beads. So on that note - Have an awesome weekend and happy beading everyone.












































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