5 steps for easier needle threading

1 - Start with stretches - Cut the thread, hold one end in each hand, and pull. If you're working with Nymo, condition it. This relaxes the thread's kinks and curls, making it easier to use.
  2 - Shear the edge - Trim the end of your thread on an angle using very sharp scissors. A tapered edge free of stray fibers will slide gracefully through the needle's eye.

3 - Sink your teeth into it - Flatten the thread's cut edge to its thinnest profile by pressing it with your fingernails, squeezing it with pliers, or biting it gently with your teeth.
4 - Bring needle to thread - Hold the needle in your dominant hand, and grab the thread close to the cut edge with your other hand. Move the needle to the thread, sliding the eye over the thread's end.
5 - If all else fails - Pass the wire loop of a needle threader through the eye of your needle. Put your thread through the loop, then pull the loop out of the needle. Success